Provo MOOYAH honors new store opening with free fries giveaway

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MOOYAH, a popular “better burger” restaurant near BYU, gave away T-Shirts and a year’s worth of free fries to the first 100 transactions on Monday, Aug. 29, 2016. The event honored the opening of the restaurant’s newest location, which opened in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and marked the 100th restaurant in the franchise.

“100 is significant because before that, you aren’t considered a major player in the restaurant industry,” said Shayne Nielson, owner of Provo’s MOOYAH.

Every MOOYAH restaurant in the country is holding the same giveaway as the one located in Provo. MOOYAH is known for its family-friendly environment.

“Provo is primarily a family town. … We like how (MOOYAH) resonates with the community. It’s family friendly. We don’t serve beer, we don’t serve alcohol, and that’s nationwide,” said Nielsen. “We want something (parents) feel good bringing their kids too.”

MOOYAH is also a popular place for college students. BYU students Carissa Earl, Matthew Dembinski and Devin Earl were the 64th transaction at MOOYAH, having left campus — two of them skipping class — in order to be within the 100th transaction.

The three students waited an hour in line to order their food. They said the line stretched out and around the building when they arrived at 11:10 am, 10 minutes after MOOYAH opened.

“It’s worth it. It’s so worth it,” said Earl, a junior studying physiology and developmental biology.

Individuals who were within the first 11 transactions received 52 free fries cards that are redeemable at anytime. The free T-Shirts read “Fresh Hot Buns” on the back in big red letters. Dembinski was already wearing the new T-Shirt while eating his burger.

“The shirt alone is worth it,” said Dembinski.

Earl said she had never been to MOOYAH but a friend in her chemistry class told her about the promotion. She plans on continuing to eat at MOOYAH — especially because she gets free fries.

MOOYAH will be opening another restaurant in Utah within the next year. It now has an app that people can use to order meals in advance.

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The Allure Behind Classical and Vintage Phone Sets

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classic phone

In the world of house designs, there is no bigger or more enduring pattern than the vintage one. It does not matter if you are a fan of the contemporary or not, you have to give credit to the lovely and remarkably crafted vintage pieces that remind us of the classic past. For house owners all over the world who are enthusiastic about interior decorations, the classic trend suggests much more than altering the curtains or getting a retro couch to place in the middle of the room. This love for the antique has gone far beyond this. As a matter of truth, there are a growing number of stores that offer customers the possibility to have any type of retro or conventional looking products spread out throughout their house. The trends now recommend that more than a simple large vintage piece have to be installed in order for the appearance to appear complete. And the search for smaller yet significant items to utilize around your home has led some to discover a real gem of the retro indoor designs. With a remarkably classical look and the cutting-edge performance of the modern world, this fantastic object has motivated countless individuals to alter the entire appearance of their spaces. This alluring and classic item is the retro phone with a traditional dialing wheel and removed the receiver.

classic phone

With the demand for them going higher and greater, a large number of manufacturers, makers and distributors have appeared on the market and provide lots of types of phones, coming in different colors, shapes and sizes. If you want, you can even select in between the two primary types of antique phones: the 1950s design and the later edition introduced in 1967.

And even if now we are trapped in the world of smooth and skinny mobile phones with unpractically large touchscreens, there will constantly be a part of us that dreams about living in a classic mansion and answering one of the huge and in-depth phones that we have just seen in motion pictures. This does not longer have to be an unfulfilled dream, since the places in which we can find the 1950s or classical one push button phones are enhancing. Whether you like the upright version, the lateral one or the typical horizontal phone, there will constantly be a big variety for you to choose from if you understand where to discover them.

Now, here’s a funny vid about a 1950s phone and a modern phone showdown. Enjoy!

Vintage Telephones Are Back In Demand

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For years, individuals have actually gathered various things, beginning with stamps to matchboxes. Nevertheless, these aren’t as successful as gathering antiques. If you have actually ever viewed TELEVISION programs like Pawn Stars, you’ll understand exactly what I indicate here. If this triggers your interest, here’s a fantastic concept to begin making money from antiques: opt for classic phones.

What Actually is the Advantage of Buying Vintage Phones?

The response to this concern is a resonating ‘Yes’. A variety of antique financiers has actually had the ability to make a great deal of cash from purchasing and re-selling classic phones. Classic phones are reasonably simple to discover in contrast with other antiques, however, bear in mind that a charitable cheque depends upon the condition of the phone. So, if it remains in bad shape, it will not be attracting your collectors. Fortunately, there are old phone remediation professionals who can assist you out.

Even if your vintage phones show to be less lucrative than you anticipate, you can quickly offer them to another person for a revenue or utilize them to contribute to the visual appeals of your house. With a couple of updates, a timeless phone can quickly be linked to your modern-day phone system to send out and get calls.

Nevertheless, due to the fact that exactly what you buy figures out just how much you’ll enter return, you need to understand which phones are thought about antiques and how rapidly they’ll offer.

Kinds of Vintage Phones

Here are a few of the vintage phones that you can pick from:


Box Phones

The earliest and very first telephone was comprised of a huge box to transfer and get calls. It likewise includes a smaller sized headset and a cone-type mouthpiece to send voice to the other end. The designs utilized in your home were pricey and just a few fortunate people were privileged to have them. For that reason, possibilities of you getting among these are slim. If you do, nevertheless, you can offer them for a good-looking quantity.

Crank Phones

Crank phones are another kind of early wooden telephones that needed the caller to speak into a mouthpiece and crank the box to run it. These designs are offered just moderately nowadays, however, are a great financial investment if you get your hands on them.

Candlestick Telephones

Maybe the one kind of telephone that you can discover quickly is the candlestick telephone design. An early conventional problem telephone, the candlestick stayed in usage till the intro of the Dreyfuss desk phone.

Wall Phones

The conventional wall phone, which stayed popular well into the 1960’s, has a handset that was included for a benefit.

Early Desk Phones

In 1937, the Henry Dreyfuss Western Electric Design 302 ended up being the basic problem and was utilized by the public up until the intro of the 500 desk telephone design. Nevertheless, considering that the phones of this period are thought about reasonably modern-day, opportunities are that they will not be as lucrative as the rest on this list, however, are still worth the financial investment if you do not mind the wait.

Now that you know why classic phones are fantastic collectibles and understand which to search for, why rule out acquiring one on your own? They’re an excellent discussion for beginners, actually include some old-school beauty to space, as well as function as a practical piece of interaction.